Young Professionals are building career confidence with new Youth Employment UK campaign


A new employability skills initiative is set to boost young people’s career confidence and help change the face of youth employment.


Today (Monday 19th of September) Youth Employment UK (YEUK) are launching a 6-week campaign to raise the profile of their new Young Professional Membership. The YEUK Young Professional Membership is an initiative to boost career confidence in young people of all backgrounds.

The Young Professional initiative at a glance:

 16-24 year olds apply for and complete training to be awarded free Young Professional Membership

 Leading employers and organisations like McDonald’s and learndirect Apprenticeships have guaranteed job interviews to any Young Professional alumni applying for relevant opportunities. That’s a direct positive impact on youth employment.

 100% positive feedback from over 200 initial programme alumni who feel the initiative has boosted their career confidence

 Young people are being invited to take part via committed schools, colleges, youth centres, charities, organisations and employers across the whole of the UK

The Young Professional initiative is a FREE membership opportunity for all 16-24-year olds who want to develop their professional skills and be seen as a Young Professional by potential employers. And it is resulting in tangible outcomes… such as guaranteed job interviews from leading nationwide companies and organisations.

“We create a number of labels for our young people, most of which are negative – NEET, Economically Inactive and “at risk”. These labels have no doubt contributed to a culture that is less than youth-friendly.

Our young people are the very fabric of our society. In the not too distant future they will be the leaders of our businesses, economy and political system. Their potential has no limits but the labels we place on them do,” says Laura-Jane CEO of Youth Employment UK.

“At YEUK we believe every young person has the right to be inspired and empowered to achieve their potential. The YEUK Young Professional Membership puts the tools into young people’s hands to begin to change the way they and the world see them. It’s a vital message to all employers: see them as young professionals rather than NEETS.”


Young Professional Membership is available to all 16-24 year olds in the UK, regardless of education, employment status or background.

The programme creates a level platform for all young people to step up to who want to take ownership for their skills development. This creates an exciting opportunity for social mobility, with a programme that is open to all and provides everyone with the same opportunity.

The programme has had the support of Michael Tomlinson MP, who is the Chair for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment. “This is an excellent initiative for young people, I am very happy to support it and support my constituency to get involved.”

What Young Professionals are saying: Over 200 young people have already undertaken the Young Professional programme and their positive feedback speaks volumes to employers and policy-makers:

“The ‘YEUK Young Professional’ allows an opportunity for a young person to decide, ‘you know what, I can be anything I want to be and YEUK are going to kick-start my career.’ With more employers guaranteeing interviews for graduates completing the programme we are effectively socially changing the mind-set of young people and employers alike to ensure a better tomorrow for our young people.” Sam Bell, YEUK Ambassador (23)

Guaranteed job interviews and support for Young Professionals

Influential organisations from YEUK’s network have got behind the initiative, with a number of employers and organisations including McDonald’s and learndirect Apprenticeships offering to guarantee interviews for any YEUK Young Professional that applies for a job with them. Colleges and schools across the UK have committed to encourage all students to sign up and tap into the support available. Youth groups and charities across the country are also committing to take part.

‘The Young Professional programme provides high quality exposure to the world of work and will enable a young person to be inspired, motivated and gain valuable knowledge and skills to create opportunities that will allow them to achieve their potential’ Charlotte Bosworth, Director of Skills and Employment Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations Board

The launch of the YEUK Young Professional initiative kicks off with a 6-week challenge on 19th September. At least 1,000 young people are expected to sign up as YEUK Young Professionals with 200 organisations pledging their support to the YEUK Young Professional initiative.

A report on the challenges, outcomes, impact and next steps will be released at YEUK’s Annual Youth Friendly Employment Conference and Awards in November.


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Change Middlesbrough supports the YEUK Young Professional Initiative!

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