Our Team

Keitan Morris


Achievement Coordinator

Head of Change Middlesbrough’s Achievement Mentoring Program.

Keitan Founded Change Middlesbrough as he wanted to make a difference, in the community and also in the lives of young people currently in primary or secondary school. Keitan is a YEUK Young Professional.


Conor Johnson


Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Head of Change Middlesbrough’s Anti-Bullying Mentoring Program.

Conor joined Change Middlesbrough at a very early stage. He is without a doubt one of the most inspirational people on the Change Middlesbrough team. Conor is an Anti-Bullying Campaigner and is an Anti-Bullying Ambassador at Change Middlesbrough.

Bethany Leigh Smith

Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Bethany joined Change Middlesbrough in October 2016. She has extensive knowledge in Law, Information Technology, and Sociology. She is one of the staff members for Anti-Bullying, she is always looking to help others. When Bethany discovered Change Middlesbrough she said “I’d love to talk to kids and tell them my story, Can I join”.